Packard Bell, the consumer brand of NEC Computers International and one of Europe’s home PC leaders (Source: Gartner Dataquest – January 2003), today introduces a new notebook for design lovers, the Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series, that combines design and performance at an affordable price for home users.

Surveys regularly carried out by Packard Bell reveal that consumers see mobile computing as a tangible demonstration of technological innovation. These surveys also point out performance, battery life and form factor as key purchase criteria.

Packard Bell has designed the EasyNote E3 Series to offer the combination of its expertise in home PC solutions, design and the integration of latest technologies.

Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series: the power of design

The Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series is a slim, light and thin notebook (326x277x30mm – 3kg with a 15” LCD base, for instance) with a generous display (15” XGA TFT LCD). It also includes a 4 in 1 card reader and a DVD-RW SuperCombo drive.

Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series: outstanding performance

The Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series is powered by the AMD Athlon™ XP-M processor featuring .13 micron technology for higher performance, QuantiSpeed™ architecture for rapid execution of applications and the 3D Now! Professional technology for powerful 3D multimedia content. It also features the AMD PowerNow!™ technology, 266MHz Front Side Bus and included DDR memory.

Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series: new functionalities

With the Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series, home users can now take advantage of the latest technologies for creating home movies and a large-scale data-back up:
- Connectivity for fast data transfer thanks to the integrated FireWire port and USB 2.0 ports, which are easily accessible on the front and side of the notebook,
- Integrated DVD-RW drive allows users at home to burn instant copies of their home movies, created using the included software, directly onto a DVD disk for playback on the notebook or a home DVD player, or to back up personal data for future reference.
With the Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series, home users will also enjoy:
- Connecting instantly thousands of devices (4 USB 2.0 ports)
- Watching their preferred movies anywhere (DVD playback software, S-Video TV out)
- Sharing easily and faster pictures, music … (4 in 1 card reader: SD, Memory Stick, Multimedia Card, Smart Media)

Technical Editor Information

CPU: Type of processor: AMD Athlon XP™ XP-M processor
Speed: 1600+ up to 2400+
Memory: 128 to 512 MB (max 1024)
Video memory: Up to 32 MB UMA
Video Chipset: S3 ProSavage8
HDD: Up to 60 GB
Screen Size: 14.1” or 15” TFT
Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
Integrated drive: DVD / CD-RW Combo _ DVD-RW SuperCombo
Modem: 56K MDC Fax Modem
LAN: 10/100 base-T LAN
USB 2.0: 4x
TV out: S-Video
4 in 1 card reader: Yes
PCMCIA: 1 type II
IEEE 1394: Yes
Battery: Li-ion
Software offer:
Home Office: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP1, Microsoft Word 2002,Microsoft Money 2002
Entertainment: Microsoft Zoo Tycoon, RecordNow DX, Power DVD 4.0 XP, DVD Movie Factory
Security / Internet: Norton Antivirus 2003, Norton Internet Security FE 2003, Master CD Creator, Snapsys, Smart Restore-Recovery program, ActivDoc Internet Explorer 6.0, Outlook Express 6.0, Internet plugins, etc.


The Packard Bell EasyNote E3 Series will be available in May 2003 in different configurations and at a recommended retail price starting at €799 w/o VAT.

Packard Bell … living in a mobile world!

Packard Bell offers the combination of its expertise in home PC solutions, the integration of latest mobile technologies with one essential ingredient: Freedom. Packard Bell is also providing consumers users with the entire essential: Internet, Design, Entertainment, Adaptability and Latest technologies. Packard Bell mobile range is comprised of:
- the Packard Bell EasyNote T Series, the first ultra slim, thin and light notebook featuring the Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology for home users,
- the Packard Bell iGo 6000 Series for mainstream users who require advanced mobile multimedia power,
- the Packard Bell EasyNote E Series for design lovers,
- the Packard Bell PocketGear 2030, the lightest Pocket PC.
With this range, Packard Bell addresses all kind of mobility, on the road and at home.

About NEC Computers International

NEC Computers International (NEC CI), one of the major consolidated subsidiaries of the NEC Corporation and part of the operation of NEC Solutions, is Europe's sixth largest manufacturer of personal computers (Source: Gartner Dataquest / February 2003).
NEC CI supplies the consumer market with the Packard Bell brand and the professional market with the NEC brand in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia (except Japan and China).
NEC CI owns two R&D centres (France, Malaysia) and three factories (France, Malaysia and Scotland).
The company employs 3,000 people worldwide.
Its headquarters are located in Wijchen, The Netherlands.